Quality Cleaning Rags at Wholesale prices to the public is the key to our success. Free Delivery to All Areas Sydney Metro.


Sydney Cleaning Cloths is a leading wholesaler of industrial cleaning rags and industrial cleaning cloths for over 10 years. We are centrally located in Smithfield, Sydney on a 4000 square meter warehouse to ensure prompt delivery service Sydney wide. We specialise in   WHITE COTTON T SHIRTS , COLOUR COTTON T SHIRTS , WHITE TOWEL , FLANNEL , HOSPITAL BLANKET & FLEECY

Colour T-Shirt Rag

Colour T shirt rags are 100 per set cotton widely used in mechanical workshops, general cleaning

White T-Shirt Rag

White T Shirts are cotton rags are 100 per cent cotton widely used in Powder-coating,printing companies


Flannel rag are used widely by metal polishers, cleaners, furniture industries, car detailers, panel beaters, polishing

Towel White and Colour

White towels and colour towels are super absorbent, durable and soft. Great for cleaning


Fleecy rag is great for oil spills and cleaning up widely used in mining plants, heavy industries,…


White hospital blanket are super absorbent, durable and soft.